We are making progress… slowly.

For more than two years, we have been working to update the laws in Ontario so no more dogs are killed by traps on public trails.

Specifically, we think trappers should:

  • be required to post warning signs when active killtraps are in the area, and
  • not be allowed to place traps within 150 m of a public trail, road or private property line

The province of Manitoba passed legislation that imposes these reasonable requirements on trappers. Ontario lags behind and our legislation is seriously out of date. Cases of pet deaths are only going to increase as “North meets South” in Ontario.

MPP Minister Kathryn McGarry of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) hasn’t responded to more than 82,000 signatures on our petition. So we took it a step further and hired the law firm of Gartner & Associates to make our case. Our legal team is conferring with leading advocates and animal law heavyweights – some that played a role in getting the laws changed in Manitoba. In fact, the man whose dog getting killed was the catalyst for change in Manitoba is also being consulted. We are gathering information, building our case, and developing our strategy for moving ahead.

Although the process is not moving as fast as we might like, we are very optimistic that we will be successful in the end. We have the support of dog lovers, hikers, nature lovers, campers, anti-trapping activists, even some more progressive trappers. We just need to demonstrate this widespread support to the MNRF, and that’s what where you come in.

What You Can Do

Please email or call your MPP. Ask your friends and family to call too. Politicians have to take notice when voters care about an issue.

If you’ve done this in the past, thank you!, but it’s time to remind your MPP that nothing has been done about the issue. Another trapping season will soon be here.

You can also help by assisting with legal fees.

As always, thank you so much for your help.

– Valerie